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Okay, I got a driver I’m working on~! Whoot~! I’m excited. I’m in the process of getting it into the kernel. The driver I’m going to be working on is the dgnc driver, its a driver that works on Driver for the Digi International Neo and Classic PCI based product line. It includes hardware like this:

I’ve run into problems with:

1) not integrating it into the kernel correctly.

2) not having it build at all. no *.o file.

I will keep reading and working on this driver.

“Impostor syndrome describes a situation where someone feels like an imposter or fraud because they think that their accomplishments are nowhere near as good as those of the people around them. Usually, their accomplishments are just as good, and the person is being needlessly insecure. It’s especially common in fields where people’s work is constantly under review by talented peers, such as academia or Open Source Software.”

When I’m stressed out, I’m already in a vulnerable place. And start to doubt how awesome I am at what I do. And when I’m stressed out I need time for myself to think about things. Some people feel better if they watch TV, play a game or something. For me, those are distractors. When I’m stressed I need to take the time so I can figure out exactly what’s wrong and why it bothers me so much. Otherwise the same problem will come up again (most likely worse than it was before as I’ve learned this week) and I’ll keep going thru this cycle of feeling stressed then distracting myself then being stressed again with the stress becoming worse and worse each time around.

I had a medical procedure earlier last week. Its my third one in a year, and I had a biopsy and a physical exam. Nothing’s wrong and I’m healthy. But, I really dislike it and I didn’t realize it or admit it to myself until last week. I need some time to heal. And in taking that time then the impostor syndrome becomes more apparent. I feel like a loser/failure for not working 24/7 because otherwise people will think I don’t know what I’m doing. I beat myself up for taking time for myself. Then I become more stressed for beating myself up. And the cycle continues…

So yea, that’s what I’m dealing with right now. Hopefully this explains a little about me and helps someone else dealing with these kinds of things.

Him: It seems I am an amazing listener to all my friends. I’m a good person or something.

Me: You are a good person or whatever.

The Netlogic and ASUS Oled aren’t really going anywhere. And this week I decided I want to start working on the Comedi driver.

Also I’ve been reading a ton. I finished everything Greg suggested I read from the Documentation folder this week (plus some files that seemed interesting) and I’m now reading “The Linux Command Line” by William E. Shotts Jr. and “Linux Kernel Development” by Robert Love (per recommendation of cosmoecho). The Linux Command Line is a pretty easy read, I’ve been going thru it very quickly at home and on the train and bus. But Linux Kernel Development requires a lot more attention. I re-read parts that I’ve already read and look up definitions of terms online. I’ve been understanding it so far, but I end up needing to pause every 45mins to hour of reading the text to absorb the information. I spend the “pause” time reading The Linux Command Line since its a much lighter read.

I enjoy reading the books and looking at the code that accompany it to see it in action (and see how the code changed since the book was published). Plus I’ve had a few experiences where the author explained the code, I didn’t really understand it, then I looked at the code, and the reading finally made sense.

I guess a block of code is worth 1000 words.

The kernel, although its still a beast, doesn’t look daunting any more after spending the time reading these texts. The kernel looked like chaos to me, and now I’m beginning to see its structure. I feel more confident about my ability to code and hack the kernel (still battling that “Impostor Syndrome”). I have tons of resources to help me, and I can always ask people look if I need help understanding something. =]

Plus this week was the week of the 4th. Whoot~!