Figured out my goals for the program, and workflow today.

My goals for the program are:

- Learn everything I can about device drivers and the kernel
- Get some drivers out of staging
- Have my own device driver(s) built
Plan for how the program will work:
- I’ll have a project to work on (could be tackling TODO.txt, making the code fit Linux’s coding style, adding functionality my own device driver, etc)
- I’ll keep my mentor updated on my progress and reach out to if I need help with anything.
- Once I finish the project, I’ll send it.
- Fix it up til its perfect and go on to the next one.
- I’ll keep track of how many hours/week I spend on projects since OPW requires 40hrs/week. I’ll send info a weekly email with info about time spent and progress.
I’m mildly obsessed with goals and planning.

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